Autism Intervention Program



The Autism Intervention Program (AIP) offers a variety of services to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. These services are available to a child under the age of six as well as children over the age of six up to 19 years of age, through funding provided by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and the Autism Funding Unit (after having received an autism diagnosis). The OSNS serves over 85% of children under six who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the South Okanagan. We focus learning on cognitive, play, motor and communication goals as well as family support and education through the journey of understanding autism. 

We provide services to aid in skill development in the following areas:


  • Communication – How your child lets you know what they want, how they say “no”, how they follow directions, how they ask and answer questions


  • Socialization – How your child plays with others and makes friends, how they interact with others


  • Cognition – How your child uses toys and materials, how they understand concepts


  • Daily Living Skills – Toileting, dressing, safety skills, eating/feeding skills


  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills – Coordination, strength, movement


  • Challenging Behaviour Management – Aggression, destructive behaviours, screaming, etc.


  • Parent Training and Support


Also included in services:


  • Sessions in a variety of settings: Home, daycare, preschool, school, community settings (pool, playground, park, grocery store, hairdresser, etc.)


  • Individualized program planning


  • One-on-one teaching sessions


  • A professional team: With several years of experience providing autism services


  • Development: of a program plan with the family followed by intensive behaviour intervention services from our team


  • Ongoing consultation: including program supervision from the Behaviour Consultants


  • Direct therapy sessions: By a Behaviour Assistant trained in communication and socialization skill development strategies, motor skill development strategies, and challenging behaviour management


If an autism diagnosis has not yet been given, please contact your pediatrician to begin the process.  Children who have already received an autism diagnosis may request autism therapy sessions by completing the form below.

 Do you know a child who would benefit from visiting our centre? 

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