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Knights of Pythias Chapter Donates "Blaze the Horse" to Child & Youth Development Cent

The Penticton chapter of the franternal organization, The Knights of Pythias, has been a long-standing sponsor of the OSNS Child & Youth Development Centre's gym facility. They have provided financial contributions to the gym for a number of years, starting with an initial generous donation in 1996, at which time the gym was emblazoned with a plaque noting the Centre's ongoing appreciation for the Knights of Pythias.

On April 23, 2015, Roger Murray and Reg Greenwood of the local chapter of The Knights of Pythias presented a cheque to the Centre, to enable the purchase of a new bouncy horse. Equipment and therapy toys get much use by the Centre's 500 children per year, and require maintenance and replacements to keep them safe and effective for children's therapies. The current horse was standing on his last leg, and thanks to the generous donation from the Knights of Pythias, we were able to order a replacement steed.

Blaze, the newest member of the OSNS Child Development Centre, now lives in the pediatric therapy gym, and comes with a carrot for feeding and a brush for children to keep him in tip-top shape.

The gym assists with early intervention and Autism Treatment therapies for children from aged birth to school age, and tools such as Blaze are integral to the physical and mental developments of our clients. As a not-for-profit, the OSNS Child and Youth Development Centre relies heavily on support from local community groups and businesses. We are very appreciative to the Knights of Pythias for their continued financial support for the Centre.

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