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Ginnie's Spring Break Tips

As a follow up to our last blog post, we thought it would be helpful to ask our KinderBear Preschool Co-ordinator Ginnie, to give some suggestions about Spring Break. We still have another week to go until the kids are back with us at preschool, so we hope Ginnie's advice will be helpful!

From Ginnie:

Spring break is a wonderful time for families to reconnect. Although the routine is different I recommend that families try to maintain some routine through the days, just the activities and the pace you do them is different.

Still get up and do breakfast together, then in the time you would normally have preschool go on some family outings... make use of our beautiful parks, walking trails and nature. Even sorting out the garden in the back yard is an awesome thing to do with children. There is nothing better than water, soil and the search for worms... If weather is bad try the library, SPCA visit or the pool.

At the end of the day maintain your bed time routine check in with your child, just for a cuddle, a story or talk about the favorite thing of the day.

See you after Easter!

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