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KinderBear Daycare Opens!

The Okanagan Similkameen Neurological Society (OSNS) Child and Youth Development Centre is excited to announce the opening of our KinderBear Daycare. The daycare accepts and nurtures all children to their full potential. Families are encouraged to apply today with a few spots left. They can do so by visiting our website and filling out a wait list application form.

The KinderBear Daycare is part of an exciting expansion to our building. It adds an array of much-needed child development/pediatric services to the community. There is an urgent need for daycare spots in our community. Also in our expansion, which covers the entire bottom level of our part of the building, we will have more rooms for therapy to help kids all the skills they need to participate.

"We are a place of learning and connection. The expansion is so exciting for us. It will provide much needed daycare spots, much needed treatment rooms, and a parent connection area where families can gather to borrow resources, have workshops, and support each other. We saw over 1000 children at the Centre last year - both those who are developing as expected and those who need a little support. It's an exciting place" Manisha Willms, Executive Director

The expansion has been designed from scratch and every inch will be used as a place of play learning from training bathrooms to sensory areas, to creative & dramatic play centers as well as reading in our book nook. There will be an outdoor learning centre featuring natural elements such as a mud kitchen. There are stairs of lowered heights to help with our physiotherapy training. And - so exciting - there is a big purple slide the two levels of the facility - a one of a kind feature!

Wildstone Construction & Engineering Ltd has been busy working for the past few months to conduct this $250,000 dollar expansion. The space are being purpose built to maximize developmental growth in all the children coming to the centre. Despite seeing over 1000 children in 2015, we still have a wait list of more than 200 children in need of therapy services.

OSNS is looking for funding to help with the natural outdoor learning section of our expansion. Those interested can contact us directly.

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