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Meet Foster

Foster is an incredibly cool kid. He is also very unique.

Foster was diagnosed with autism just after his 4th birthday. By then he could read fluently, assemble a complicated puzzle, write his own name - but he couldn't manage the interaction it takes to make friends. There were also certain sensations that were really difficult for Foster. Like the feel of soap on his hands. He didn't make eye contact. And when he got upset - he just couldn't calm down.

Life was really hard for Foster and his family.

And then he started treatment. Foster received autism intervention, speech therapy, occupational therapy and family support from OSNS. He also attended our Kinderplace Preschool and KinderBear Daycare. If we listed all the ways that Foster improved...this story would go on forever. Now Foster goes to kindergarten. He knows what to do when he feels overwhelmed, he has friends, and he has great eye contact and big smiles.

See for yourself....

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