July Spotlight!

July 12, 2016




This month we are shining the spotlight on Dan Colbeck! Dan very graciously filled out our monthly questionnaire so we can learn a little more about him.  We are having so much fun with this monthly series on our blog.  Let's find out more about Dan: 



What is your job title?



What do you do at OSNS?

I help families and clients overcome or manage body impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions related to movement as part of the early intervention program - I help get children moving and having fun.


How long have you been at OSNS?

It has been 4 years and 9 months.


What is your favourite part of your job? 

Playing an important role in preventative health care; helping clients get to a place where they can play with their peers and instilling a life long love for physical activity - all done through fun and games!


What has surprised you about working at OSNS?

The large amount of community fundraising done every year to support the Centre.


Share a funny story with us: 

I do have a funny story about my son Ambrose.  On a beautiful summer day in August we were planning to head to the beach but he really wanted to watch TV.  He had a pretty good melt down, but we stuck to the plan and I took him and Wynn to the lake and we ended up having a lot of fun.  A few days later he brought me this picture and said mater-of-factly "this is a picture of mean daddy that doesn't let me watch TV when I want to".


Who is your favourite Disney character and why? 

Tyler from Never Cry Wolf - he has substance and the story is worth seeing.


What do you do when you need to get pumped up?

I go for a mountain bike ride.


What is your favourite animal?

Cinnamon bear, my older son and I came across one on a bike ride last year and they are amazing!


What is your favourite food? 

That is tough to pick, maybe Indian?


What is your favourite part about living in the Okanagan? 

The climate for gardening, bike riding, and lake swimming.


Where would you go on your dream vacation? 

Niseko Japan for a ski season.


What is your favourite quote? 

"The earth has music for those who listen." - William Shakespeare

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