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Autism Intervention Program (AIP)


Our autism intervention program uses evidence based best practices to support our children and families. We help children to develop new skills in order to participate with their peers and families in all activities available to them in community and home life. We work closely with families to identify the functional goals that are important to them. Naturalistic teaching and positive behaviour support strategies are used to target the goals that are made in partnership with parents.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects how people communicate and relate to others. The range and intensity of challenges vary, but all people affected by ASD are commonly impacted with communication, social interaction, and motor skills.


Common traits of autism include:
  • Unusual use or lack of communication skills


  • Difficulty with back-and-forth social interactions


  • Reduced appreciation of others’ interests or emotions


  • Unusual use or lack of eye contact


  • Unusual use or understanding of body language


  • Challenges in developing, maintaining and understanding relationships


  • Insistence on sameness and routines


  • Fixated interests often in unusual topics and objects


  • Difficulty with large and small transitions


  • Over- or under-responsiveness to sensory input Unusual focus on specific sensory aspects of the environment (e.g. background sounds, reflections, etc.)

What treatment is available for Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Research shows that behaviourally based early intervention programs are the most effective way to teach children with ASD and foster functional life skills. 

Instruct. Model. Practice. Praise.

The AIP is a tailored program that meets your needs:


Each child is different and will receive an individualized behaviour plan of intervention (BPI) that meets their specific needs. The program aims to encourage your child to become a successful learner. 


The AIP uses evidence based approaches that have been endorsed by the National Institutes of Health and the Association for Science in Autism Treatment, and has been identified by the Surgeon General of the United States as the most effective way to treat Autism.

The AIP Program:

Assessment: Your child will be observed by a team of professionals with expertise and knowledge in a variety of developmental areas and a Behaviour plan of Intervention (BPI) will be designed based on your child’s strengths and areas for development.

Intervention: Programs from the BPI will be delivered by a BI with regular support from an integrated therapy team. Your child’s progress will be ongoing and the program will be assessed regularly. 

Meetings: Every 6 weeks the team will review the data and programs and make changes as necessary. 

Integrated Therapy Team


The BC collaborates & coordinates the development of the child’s BPI. The BC provides programming and supervision to the BI’s as well as positive support plans as required.


The SLP works to develop the skills of communication and language. The SLP focuses on verbal and non verbal development including appropriate use of eye contact, gestures & alternative



The OT works to promote the development of the child’s highest attainable level of participation in all daily activities and identifies strategies for regulating behaviour.


The BI works 1 on 1 with the child, implementing individualized programs and recording the child’s progress. The BI works under the supervision

of the clinical team. 


You are not alone, and the OSNS Centre is here for support. We are the most widely used centre in the South Okanagan for children who need extra attention. 

Studies indicate that ASD

affects one in every 88 children. 

 - MCFD BC Parent Handbook

(Sept. 2013)

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