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F-Words - An Introduction

Landing firmly in the area of innovative quality improvement and service integration, the OSNS is shifting our thinking and practice towards the implementation of an F-Words framework of care that is more holistic and further removed from the mindset of "fixing" neurodevelopment disabilities. 

INSPIRED by decades of research, CANCHILD - McMaster University, developed the six F-Words for Childhood Disability. The OSNS, as a first step will incorporate the F-Words into our clinical practice and therapy plan, asking the child and parents to consider their hopes and dreams for each of the F-Words

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The six F-WORDS include service focus on all areas of child development 


This includes the home environment of a child. Families come in all shapes  and sizes, but no matter the structure, family is an important part of a child's life


This is what a child does. A child's occupation is to play, so a primary focus of function is children's play


Children need to be involved in activities that they find enjoyable and want to participate in

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Friendships made with peers is an important part of social development 

Children and their families have expectations and dreams for their future. This is an essential part of child development 



This includes how children stay physically active and can be in the form of exercise ore recreational activities

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Together Towards Tomorrow