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Accreditation report

CARF Accreditation

The OSNS Child & Youth Development Centre is committed to delivering high-quality services to children, youth and families. ​

CARF is the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.  It is an international, not-for-profit organization that promotes quality rehabilitation services by establishing standards for quality and surveying those organizations to assure the standards are being met.


We are proud to demonstrate this commitment by achieving CARF accreditation for the following program(s)/services:

  • Services for Children and Youth

  • Services for Children and Youth: Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Services for Children and Youth: Early Intervention Services​



CARF standards require comprehensive and ongoing quality assurance processes and program outcome analysis to be integrated into day-to-day operations. Accreditation site surveys are conducted by experienced surveyors who act as the "eyes and ears" for CARF and report on their observations and findings, as well as provide consultation to the organization. Based on the information provided by the survey team, CARF makes a decision on the level of accreditation awarded. 


The OSNS Child & Youth Development Centre earned a Three- Year CARF accreditation in March 2024, demonstrating substantial conformance to the standards. 


Here is what CARF had to say about the OSNS Child & Youth Development Centre in their 2024 report:

  • "The OSNS is recognized for the resilience that it has shown over the past few years. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the OSNS has continued to provide high-quality services without disruption. This is a testament to a strong organization with a deeply ingrained commitment to the children and families served."

  • "The OSNS is governed by an engaged board of directors that appears to provide strong supports to the leadership team in its efforts to guide the organization"

  • "The OSNS has an impressive three-year strategic plan. The strategic plan has well stated goals and priorities and voices a very clear articulation of the future and how services will be improved if the strategic goals are achieved"

  • "The facility and grounds are exceptionally impressive, designed for maximizing the children's therapeutic services, care, safer and accessibility"

  • "The OSNS is commended for using "The 6 F Words", to treat children holistically"

  • "The staff members exhibit passion for their work, compassion for the families, and an ardent determination to provide the best possible services for children" 


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