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KinderBear Daycare

KinderBear Daycare waitlists are now closed, we have reached our capped number and are currently full.

We will update this page and our social media when we are once again accepting names for our waitlist.

Please note that the OSNS Child and Youth Development Centre is currently a provincial government $10/day childcare pilot site. This program continues until March 31, 2022, and we are presently waiting for information about whether the initiative will continue.

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KinderBear Daycare is a place of inquiry. The daycare offers an inclusive program for children 0-3 years, and 3-5 years of age. Our programs are carefully planned to meet all individual needs to ensure programming, taking the children's interests and extending their learning and development when possible. The daily routine involves a balance of both indoor and outdoor play, large and small group activities, free-play, and rest times. KinderBear Daycare focuses on creating play-based, active learning through thoughtfully planned environments and experiences. A wide variety of activities that involve all of the learning domains (social-emotion, physical, language, and cognitive) are provided in order to develop the whole child development of the whole child while using best practices for child care. The play-based program planning is guided by the childrens interests, creating a fun, active and inventive learning environment. Our natural playground allows children to develop their gross motor skills and create new ways to play on natural materials. Children attending KinderBear Daycare are given opportunities to learn and grow through play along with many other children of varying ages and developmental levels. The Early Childhood Educators use inquiry based


KinderBear Daycare provides an environment that is stimulating, challenging, safe, and supportive for children to grow to their full potential. A rich play-based Emergent Curriculum is used at KinderBear Daycare, utilizing the Early Childhood Educators in-depth knowledge and understanding of child development. The interests and activities children engage in are observed by the staff, providing insight into new experiences and ways to alter the environment to further development.

 We offer these learning opportunities within the daycare program:

 Arts and Crafts
 Music and Movement
 Table Toys
 Dramatic Play
 Sensory Play
 Active Play

 Water Play
 Outdoor Play
 Neighbourhood Walks
 Group Time
 Free-Play Time
 Messy Play
 Gym Time
 Social Interaction
 ..and much much more!

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