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KinderCubs, KinderBear & KinderKids Daycare

Our Daycare waitlists are now closed as all programs are currently full and there are no expected openings for the next year.


We will update this page and alert you through social media when we are once again accepting names for our waitlist. 

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Our Daycare's are inclusive play & strength-based settings for children 0-3 years and 3-5 years of age. Children are welcomed and empowered to pursue their gifts regardless of socio-economic status, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, abilities, learning needs, family structure and values. Our Early Childhood Educators (ECE) use their knowledge of child development, the individual children and the BC Early Learning Framework to guide their practice when planning experiences for the children. We take time to build trusting relationships with the children and families in our care and support the growing connections between children and their peers.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) or the building of positive relationships, social connections, emotional literacy and kindness are the cornerstones of our program philosophy that is all delivered through play. Opportunities for children to be outdoors is important, we do it daily as this allows the children to use big muscles, move fast, be loud and build their connection to nature and each other. The daily routine includes a balance of both indoor and outdoor play, large and small group activities, free-play, eating, toileting and rest times. 

A variety of learning opportunities are offered within the daycare programs: 


Art and Craft material exploration  
and Movement 
Toys that build, stack and move 
Dramatic Play props for pretend 
Sensory Play to explore, water, sand, playdough, messy play 
Active Play, Outdoor Play, Nature Walks, Gym Time 
Puppets, Stories, listening, retelling, acting 

Gardening, Harvesting, Cooking 
Group Time, Individual time 
Free-Play Time, to create, explore ideas, follow interests & practice skills 
Social Interaction, making friends, sharing joy 

Yoga, Deep Breathing, Co-Regulation 
..and much much more 

Please note that our daycare programs are ‘$10 a Day ChildCare BC’ sites. This means that the parent/caregiver portion of the fee is $10 per day to a maximum of $200 per month and the government covers the rest. 

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