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KinderPlace Developmental Preschool

KinderPlace Preschool

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About KinderPlace

Kinderplace is an inclusive program geared to the needs of the children within it. It is a carefully planned program with a balance between individual developmental needs and the needs of the entire group. As the children play together they learn how much they have in common, and their similarities become more important than their differences. We believe in offering a program rich in play and social experiences, where all children are able to make choices, explore, participate, and learn. Children with varied ages and developmental levels are mixed together in each class group. It is a play-based learning environment that focuses on child development.


Children attending Kinderplace Preschool are given the opportunity, through play, to learn all of the kindergarten readiness skills. They are given the time, space, materials, and freedom to investigate, manipulate, problem-solve, and create. The Early Childhood Educators follow the child’s lead as to interests, extend his/her play when necessary, and provide more challenge once a skill has been mastered.


We have a strong team of specialized early educators who work in partnership with the intervention teams to infuse developmental practice into our Early Years programming. This includes focus on: 

  • parent education on development and play

  • tracking growth in creative capacity

  • social emotional growth and the mechanics of learning kindness

  • implementation of the Safe Spaces bullying prevention program

  • minute to minute use and philosophy of play-based learning

We offer these learning opportunities within the Preschool program:

  • Creative Art

  • Music and Movement

  • Table Toys

  • Dramatic Play

  • Sensory Play

  • Active Play

  • Field Trips

  • Special Guests

  • Water Play

  • Outdoor Play

  • Neighbourhood Walks

  • Puppets

  • Stories

  • Group Time

  • Free Choice Time

  • Kindergarten Readiness

  • Problem Solving

  • Cooking

  • Messy Play

  • Musical Instruments

  • Gym Time

  • Social Interaction

  • Early Math and Writing Skills

  • Wood Work

  • Gardening

  • Computer Time

  • and much much more!

Kinderplace staff are knowledgeable and can confidently relay any developmental concerns to the parents and make referrals to therapy programs when appropriate. They readily partner with parents, therapists, supported child care, IDP, Health Unit SLPs, public health nurses, physicians, social workers and local school districts when necessary regarding children attending our preschool. Staff are also available, when requested, to organize and/or attend team meetings regarding individual children.

We believe in the importance of a safe, nurturing environment supervised by caring, qualified Early Childhood Educators, where children build trust, feel secure, and are able to develop to their fullest potential.

Our Centre believes in an open-door policy where parents are welcome to drop in and join the program as well as share their talents and ideas.

Our Kinderplace preschool program offers families a choice of two or four days per week, morning or afternoon sessions. The program is ten months long, running from September to June yearly. A Waitlist system is used to fill spaces that become available throughout the school year. To get on to the waitlist please fill out the online form when it's open, you will find it at the top of this page. 


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