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KinderPlace Preschool

Our Preschool Waitlist is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted their information. 

We will update this page and alert you through social media when we are once again accepting names for our waitlist. 

About KinderPlace

Kinderplace is an inclusive play & strength-based setting for preschool children who are 2.5 - 5 years of age. Children are welcomed and empowered to pursue their gifts regardless of socio-economic status, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, abilities, learning needs, family structure and values. Our Early Childhood Educators (ECE) use their knowledge of child development and individual children along with the BC Early Learning Framework to guide their practice when planning experiences for the children. We take time to build trusting relationships with the children and families in our care and support the growing connections between children and their peers. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) or the building of positive relationships, social connections, emotional literacy and kindness are the cornerstones of our program philosophy that is all delivered through play. Our program is rich in play and social experiences, where all children can make choices, explore, participate, and share their ideas. They are given the time, space, materials, and freedom to investigate, manipulate, problem-solve, and create. Educators follow the child’s lead as to interests, extend their play when necessary, and provide more challenge once a skill has been mastered. Opportunities for children to be outdoors is important, we do it daily as this allows the children to use big muscles, move fast, be loud and build their connection to nature and each other. The daily routine includes a balance of both indoor and outdoor play, large and small group activities, free-play, planned art, music, story, snack, hygiene and toileting. 


Kinderplace Early Childhood Educators (ECE) are knowledgeable and can confidently share their observations of developmental areas that may need a closer look with parents or guardians and with their permission refer to early intervention programs for consultation or assessment. ECE readily partner with parents, therapists, supported child development, IDP, Health Unit SLPs, public health nurses, physicians, social workers and local school districts regarding children attending our preschool when needed. Staff are also available, when requested, to organize and/or attend team meetings regarding individual children. 

A variety of learning opportunities are offered within the Preschool program: 

  •  Creative Art and Craft material exploration  

  • Music and Movement, Exploring Instruments 

  • Toys that build, stack and move 

  • Dramatic Play props for pretend 

  • Sensory Play to explore, water, sand, playdough, messy play 

  • Active Play, Outdoor Play, Nature Walks, Gym Time 

  • Puppets, Stories, listening, retelling, acting 

  • Small World Play, Story Workshop 
    Group Time, Individual time

  • Free-Play Time, to create, explore ideas, follow interests & practice skills 
    Social Interaction, making friends, sharing joy 

  • Social Emotional Learning, handling big feelings, caring for others 

  • Field Trips, Special Guests 

  • Early Math, Pre-Printing 

  • Gardening, Harvesting, Cooking 

  • Yoga, Deep Breathing, Co-Regulation 
    ..and much, much, more – all within a safe, nurturing environment supervised by caring and qualified Early Childhood Educators.

We have an open-door policy for parents / guardians of children who attend the preschool, and they are welcome to drop in and join the program while their child is in attendance. We seek and welcome families who will share any special talents, interests, hobbies or family traditions with us as this enhances and enriches our program. 


Our Kinderplace preschool program offers families a choice of two or four days per week, morning or afternoon sessions. The program is ten months long, running from September to June yearly. A Waitlist system is used to fill spaces that become available throughout the school year. To join the waitlist please fill out the online form when it's open, you will find the link at the top of this page.  

If you find the waitlist closed it means we have way more children waiting than spaces available but do keep an eye on our website as we will update it and alert through social media when we open it. 


Please note that our preschool program is included as a ‘$10 a Day ChildCare BC’ site. This means that the parent portion of the fee is greatly reduced from the actual cost. Please check with the office for the current ‘parent portion’ fee schedule for preschool. 


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