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Thank you to our wonderful donors.

With your help, we support over 1600 children every year.

Treatment staff is used to talking about WHAT we do and HOW we do it.

We tell stories about helping children to learn stair climbing or say their sister's name - we talk about how we use preferred toys near our faces to help children learn eye contact.


But WHY is a question that sometimes gets lost.


Children who can connect, who can walk and talk and run and play and share the joy - those children are more successful. They are happier, more attached to their families, make friends, and find school more positive. And it is through these successes that they become confident.


Confident enough to join soccer, try out for a play, raise their hands, stand up for their friends. Later they apply for that job that seems out of reach, start a conversation that leads to a friendship - or more. 


The early eye contact - the stair climbing and the sister's name were droplets. Droplets that led to ripples in a pond - that led to everything else.

The WHY delivers confidence for everything else.

Join us in making the droplets!

Some of our most recent business donors.
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The OSNS Child and Youth Development Centre relies heavily on the support from generous community groups and individuals. Making improvements and upgrades to the Centre, which directly affect the experiences our young children have during their treatment sessions, would not happen if it weren't for the generosity of our sponsors. Interested in sponsoring the Centre? 

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