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We work to help all children participate with their peers and their families in all the activities available to them in the community and home life. We work closely with families to identify the goals for their child that are important to them.

If you have concerns about your child’s development in the following areas, we can help:

  • Movement – Sitting, crawling, walking, running, balancing, coordination, riding a tricycle, etc.

  • Table Activities – Picking up small items, holding a crayon, using scissors, drawing pictures, building with blocks, doing puzzles

  • Eating – Gagging or choking, difficulty starting solids, picky eating

  • Activity Level/Sensory Concerns – Fearful of movement or overly active, sensitivity to sounds/tastes/touch

Physiotherapy (PT) offers services to help children struggling with mobility and has focused learning around: 

  • increased mobility

  • range of motion

  • strength and muscle tone

  • coordination

  • fine motor and gross motor skills

We offer these services:


  • Individual therapy

  • Group therapy (some with parent participation)

  • Assessment

  • Consultations

  • Parent education

  • Community education

  • Home, community or Centre-based visits

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