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What We Do For Children and Families

OSNS has purposely chosen to remain intensely focused on children and families. 


Paediatric Early Intervention Programs enhance the abilities of children who are developmentally at risk. These programs make a difference in their lives. Children from birth through their kindergarten year are recipients of child-focused, family-centred, and community-based programs.

In addition to traditionally addressed developmental milestones, the OSNS team provide evidence-based support: creative and pretend play, emotional control, conduct, attachment, empathy, social negotiation, social responsibility, pre-literacy and literacy. We believe that our work helps to safeguard children by encouraging them to take risks and build their capacity.


All programs require referral - to self-refer your own child, please click here.

Our programs include: 

  • Behaviour Support

  • Take It Home Program

  • Family Support

  • Family Navigation

  • Early Mental Health Direct Support

  • Early Intervention Treatment

  • Developmental Assessment including assessments for the Interior Health Child Assessment Network (ICAN)

  • Autism Treatment

  • Social Emotional Early Years Support

  • Extended Family Support Groups

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Social Negotiation Programming for Youth with Autism

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