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Thank you for supporting OSNS. Our Centre has continued to see growth and success because of the generosity from individuals, service clubs and businesses in our community. 

Over 1600 kids and youth from all over the South Okanagan Similkameen visit our Centre each year. There is an average of two other family member per child that receives support - meaning over 4,000 individuals are impacted annually by our work. 

Do you ever wonder why we fundraise each year?

Government plays an important role in providing funding for the Centre but doesn't fully cover treatment services. For many years, we have been fortunate enough to receive support from people like you that helps the Centre continue its daily operations. Your generosity makes it possible for us to: 

  • Purchase equipment that supports treatment sessions;

  • Maintain our space so the facility is safe for kids; and

  • Provide innovative programming.

We are always striving to make the Centre a happier, more comfortable facility for our children and their families. Thank you for helping make this possible. 





Securing the Future of OSNS

Over the past few years, our Centre saw a need to diversify our revenue base to ensure OSNS could continue for generations to come in a secure and stable way. With this in mind, OSNS launched the OSNS Legacy Foundation in November 2021. 

The OSNS Legacy Foundation has created a separate endowment fund that will provide an annual interest income to cover the funding shortfalls of the Centre. The objective is simple: to ease the financial burden that OSNS faces each year. The hope and expectation are that with community support, the Foundation's fund will grow to a size that will not only meet the immediate financial requirements of the OSNS, but will facilitate the growth of the Centre so each child receives specialized, compassionate care for generations to come. 

The Legacy Foundation is able to process more complex gift options such as gifts of securities, stocks, RRSP's, RRIF's or gifts of life insurance. The Foundation can also talk to you about bequests and estate giving. Visit the Legacy Foundation's website to learn more or contact Megan at megan.windeler@osns.org

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