Say 'Hello' to Our Board!

As a non-profit organization, we are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of members of the community. The board is actively involved in shaping the direction of our organization, monitoring organizational energy, showing leadership in a culture of collaboration and respect and improving the quality of our services. The board is a driving force in maintaining an intense focus on young children and families and ensuring a track record of effective implementation.


Click each photo to learn a little more about each one of our tireless directors. This group of members includes educators, quality improvement leaders, financial/business leaders, parents of vulnerable children, pediatric and family practice physicians and legal professionals. 


Ryu Okayama - Board Chair
Ryu Okayama is a local lawyer and also the father of two very cute young children. Ryu comes to the Board with a keen mind for detail, a curious heart for learning about developmental services, and a strong voice for the importance of consistent processes and practices. Ryu leads our OSNS Governance team which meets regularly to review and update procedures.
John Surkan -Vice Chair
John Surkan is a long time local family physician who comes to the Board with quiet and sincere determination to support services for the children of our region. John brings with him a strong connection to the many health partners in our area and critical knowledge of the challenges experienced by the families we serve.
Jason Michiel- Treasurer
Stacey Gagno- Secretary
James Rutledge - Director
Miriam Oliver- Director
Dr. Miriam Oliver - Pediatrics
Lisa Niedermayer
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