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Take It Home Program

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Through the financial support of the Province of British Columbia and the Community Gaming Grant, the OSNS is able to provide the Take It Home program

The Take It Home program was initially created in recognition of a gap between the skills taught in our autism treatment program and the transfer of information to parents to enable support of children’s newly acquired skills in the home and childcare environments to provide consistency and the opportunity for ongoing development. It has expanded particularly to families who have children experiencing struggle with activities of daily living including eating, sleeping, toileting and sequence of daily routines.

Take it Home Program has become a vital virtual educational opportunity that allows parents to integrate strategies not only in their homes but throughout their daily routines. Sleep and nutrition topics are an important part of the Take it Home Program – offering activities and materials to help families integrate healthier practices into their daily routines.  Furthermore, there is an acute need for programming to support early mental health issues including childhood anxiety.


The program is accessible by parent referral or referral from any of our community and health care partners including family physicians, pediatricians, daycare providers and other developmental support workers. All children and families are eligible for the program.

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