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OSNS Wishlist

From upkeep to our current facilities, upgrades to accommodate a growing client base and staff, and as equipment wears out, here are some of our needs that sponsors make possible. If you or your company/organization would like to sponsor an item on this list, please reach out to us via email here.


Our current worn linoleum floor needs replacing. We'd love to do something creative and fun to make the hallway brighter and embed some textures and shapes into the floor to use it as a teaching tool.


Our centre needs analog clocks around the building. They are a great teaching tool for time management and even our little kids who do not yet understand the concept of numerals can understand that when the big hand is on the red line, it is time to line up.


Our centre is looking for a new or gently used couch for our downstairs work area. 


On any given day the OSNS is filled with voices, laughter, cries and a plethora of sounds that children make while playing and learning. Our gym resides in the centre of the building and the sounds travel throughout. With sound dampening, our goal is to lesson the noise so that adjacent offices can stay focused. 


Throughout the year, the OSNS puts on several events and fundraisers! As well, the centre receives generous donations from various streams. We would like a digital display sign located outside our building on Carmi Ave. to advertise our events and to recognize our sponsors!   


There is a multitude of software programs that exist that would create more efficiency in our workplace. Programs could save time and improve operational tasks that would aid us for the long term


Our centre has expanded and we have plenty of outdoor space that we would like to transform into a garden. We would like our garden to be full of delicious vegetables and fruits like kale and strawberries. The children love the process of planting, seeing the plants grow, then harvesting the fruits and finally eating them (yes the kale too! In smoothies made in our kitchen!)! We could use garden boxes, planters, soil, seeds and volunteer gardeners. 

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