Not your typical staff meeting

March 31, 2015

Earlier this month, the staff and Board of OSNS came together for a day of strategic planning.  Facilitated by Nikos Theodosakis, the day dared the team to dream about what the Centre will be in 2018 and then imagine how to portray that in a documentary film set in 2018.


“Thinking Like a Film Director” guided the group through the intricacies of taking a film from inception to the screen and then translated that process into one that could be used in strategic visioning for OSNS. 


In teams, the group took their visions for the Centre and for the services from their initial idea for a “scene” and, breaking it down through the steps utilized in film making (scripting, storyboarding, pitching, revising, researching, creating a production schedule etc) the team moved their visions from the fantasy genre (the world without budgets or barriers) to possibilities and closer to reality.


From a vegetable garden, through a storybook lobby, to a communal kitchen where families learn to cook and eat together, and a parents’ lounge where families could meet, mingle and talk to support workers-the scenes were rich and free flowing.


A huge thank you to Nikos Theodosakis for his innovative direction! “Thinking Like a Film Director” was a genuine tap into the imaginative right side of our brains. The visions put forth for the Centre have never been more creative or motivational as we move the Centre towards its ideal future. 

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